83M80: Letterpress in the Digital Era

Location: New York, NY

83M80, an exhibition curated by Laura Cartagena and in partnership with Slanted Magazine, featuring works by New York based multimedia artist Lucas ‘MRKA’ Benarroch and Gonzalo Hergueta.

The opening night, November 18th, included the premiere of the 83M80 documentary. The film features graphic designer and illustrator Alex Trochut, painter Felipe Pantone, letterpress extraordinaire Earl Kallemeyn, and author/media archaeologist Shay Moradi. A limited edition series of original artworks was on display at Wallplay gallery.

83M80 is an exploration of the influence of technology in visual communication, from the days of the letterpress to the Internet era. Focusing on errors and misconceptions, 83M80 preserves these aesthetic cues by representing them in a movable typeface.

“Having grown up in the pre-internet era, we wanted to pay tribute to the visuals that we experienced in our childhood. The distortions caused by CRT monitors, the low resolution of first generation video game consoles and the constant errors of ‘90s computers—by applying these elements to the timeless technique of letterpress, 83M80 was born.” — G. Hergueta

Photography by: Alex Contell, Luis Corzo & Laura Cartagena